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A multiple-choice quiz 1

1 How tall is the London Eye?
  282ft; 373ft; 443ft; 552ft.

2 When did Sake Dean Mahomet open the first curry house in the UK?
  1780; 1810; 1880; 1940.

3 What was the last battle between Great Britain and France?
  The Battle of Trafalgar; The Battle of Waterloo; The Battle of Hastings or The Battle of Agincourt?

4 Which flower is associated with Wales?
  Daffodil; Rose; Shamrock; Thistle?

5 During the reign of Charles 11 parts of London were destroyed, what was the cause of this destruction?
  A war, a flood, a fire or an earthquake?

6 How often are general elections held across the UK?
  Every three, four, five or ten years?

7 Scotland has its own banknotes which are valid across the UK?
  True or false?

8 What charity works to preserve important buildings, coastline and countryside for the UK?
  Shelter; Age UK; Crisis or The National Trust?

9 Great Britain refers only to England, Wales and Scotland?
  True or false?

10 Who was the tribal leader who fought against the Romans?
    Cleopatra; Claudia; Boudicca or St Augustine?

11 Who was voted the greatest Briton of all time in 2002?
    Isaac Newton; Winston Churchill; Alexander Fleming or Mo Farah?

12 When did women get the right to vote at the same age as men?
    1918; 1928; 1938 or 1948?

13 What county does Stonehenge stand in?
    Lancashire, Berkshire, West Yorkshire or Wiltshire?

14 When was the last Welsh rebellions defeated?
    14Th, 15th,16th or 17th century?

15 How many colonies were granted independence in 1947?
    Eleven, seven, thirteen or nine?

16 Which of these words is based upon Norman words?
    Cow, apple, park or summer?

17 Haggis is a traditional food of which country?
    England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

18 What does the York Minster have?
    Stained wood, stained limestone, stained glass or stained bricks?

19 Which was the last successful invasion of Britain?
    Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Roman or Viking?

20 Which of these is a British Overseas Territory?
     Ireland, Hawaii, The Falkland Islands or Cyprus?

21 Who is Sir Chris Hoy?
    A Scottish rower, a Scottish tennis player, a Scottish cyclist or a Scottish runner?

22 What was the purpose of the Emancipation Act?
    Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from unlawful imprisonment or from slavery?

23 Which of these is an Anglo-Saxon poem?
    Mr Hyde, Jude the Obscure, Beowulf or Pride and Prejudice?

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